The supernatural.  I really never used the word let alone knew what it meant.  However, supernatural phenomenon seems to accompany me on my journeys to whatever depth, especially if I need a nudge or are on the brink of disaster.   Disaster I do know as I have created many.  Lack of knowledge, just plain naïveté, even dumb luck has propelled me into enough questionable circumstances that you’d think I was at least a little brighter for them.  Blessed I am and have been my whole life, for the supernatural moments that have saved me from disaster even near death.

I have learned however, that when events or momentary circumstances are so out of the ordinary as to be irrational, it is time for me to stop, pause, listen, and look; something  is out of wack, something is about to happen, i’m being given an opportunity, really pay attention there is an important message here.

The learning has come after as many failures as successes.  Thank heaven there are more successes now than failures.  In the early 1980’s my husband, son and I met a man who channeled a group energy called Jonah.   I had never heard of a channel let alone know what exactly that meant, but upon hearing this man’s voice on a recording, I knew without any doubt that I needed to meet him.  His voice somehow I knew in my soul and it certainly called to me.

We made an appointment to meet, which didn’t go as I might of expected.  We were all so intimidated by the unknown experience that we were rather dumb struck, speechless to say the least, and then he yelled, boomed at us, saying, “what inhibits the mind.”  That was my introduction.  It was enough to make me run out the door.  I think my son and I both turned ten shades of pale.

Long story short this man became our acquaintance and close enough to call friend.  The man himself had died drowning while on vacation in Hawaii and was revived but with amnesia.  While being taken care of by doctors and even a hypnotherapist a voice of unfamiliar origin came through him and began assisting the physicians.  As he did not want to believe what the doctors had told him he had them record the occurrences which helped and confused him into some kind of understanding.

I tell this story because one weekend he stayed with us.  From his room the evening of the first night we could hear a voice.  We checked to see if he was calling but he was sound to sleep.   But the voice continued.   His lips did not move yet somehow the voice was coming from him.  The voice was very lively and called himself Antonio.  He had much to say about the realm of his reality in comparison to the one we live in.  He talked of light, color and sound.

There we sat in the bedroom of our guest carrying on a conversation with a voice coming from a man who was sound asleep even snoring at times.   It was odd too say the very least.  My son joined in the with questions of his own and asked if he could bring a couple of friends on the next night.

The next night we were five and a boom box sitting either on the floor, on the bed, and in chairs while this poor gentleman slept soundly.  Weird!   There were many conversations regarding the current music that the younger generation was listening to at the time with examples by playing music from the boom box.  Weird also!   Weirder still was when Antonio was finished sharing information about where he lived and our conversations dwindled to saying goodbye, silence filled the room.  Then a voice, that literally can only be imagined what God would sound like, filled the room and seemed to come from everywhere.

One of the friends of my son was dealing with a growth issue.  He was not growing especially in height as was normal for his age.  The voice directed attention to the boy and addressed his issue.   We all sat in stunned silence as the boy received assistance and then the voice was gone.  That ended the night.


To be continued