I’ve learned what I’ve learned about energetic healing, hands on, metaphysics, channeling, organically.   Meaning I havn’t gone to school to learn what I know.  Step by step, even arguing my way through, got me to where I am today.

The early days of healing focused on my own. My physical health had deteriorated to the point that my immune system was compromised.  My physical healing journey had to travel through seizures, lump in my breast, anxiety attacks, symptoms of congestive heart failure, weakened kidneys, you name it.

My history was fraught with surgeries for fibroid cysts, hysterectomy, and a rare infection from coral dust which took away my hearing.   Added to that, chronic bronchitis, kidney infections, food allergies to say the least.  And not to mention the brain tumor I was told I had at birth.  I still have the scar on the top of my head to prove it.  Yet I’m really not sure of the origin of the scar since no one in my convoluted family has ever been able to tell me the exact circumstances.

A strong voice from inside has always steered me away from ultimate danger, or imminent need to seek help.  I’ve been blessed from childhood with this assistance.  There are many stories to tell.

One such story happened when I was probably about twelve and had snuck out from my grandparents house after diner to go find friends who lived a distance away off the old interurbane trail.  I was making my way back home in the dark of night when I came across two men chopping down a tree for Christmas off the side of the trail.   I passed them uncomfortably, because accustomed to using the trail frequently, I had never encountered another person.  After passing them I heard a strong voice inside saying “get off the trail and hide!” I didn’t even hesitate. I scrambled off the trail and hid in the underbrush cloaked by the evening’s darkness.  Sure enough, no sooner had I hid myself, the two men came running down the trail behind me and I heard them say, “wher’d she go?”   I waited a long while, flat on the ground, my breathing in time with the earth, until it felt safe to move.  Then I scrambled through the underbrush to the nearby open road and off the trail to get home.

To be continued