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I was born on the West Coast.  Raised on a farm.  Lived abroad many years learning other languages and witnessing other cultures.  Studied architecture and world history at the University of Washington.   Obtained my first Bachelor of Arts Degree in Multicultural/Environmental Studies and my second Bachelor of Arts Degree in Documentary Studies.  My Masters Degree in Liberal Arts is from St. John’s College.

Thirty seven years ago I experienced a near death experience.  Not the first one, but decidedly the last.   During that period I had an enlightening moment which changed the course of my life and certainly brought eventual clarity regarding many of the trials that had previously been my experience.  The gift of that time grew into the knowledge and awareness of the multidimensional world of which we all live.  Healing came to my body,  spirit and mind after months and years of consciously probing for answers I knew I must find within.  As I shared my journey and experience with others, the word spread and those seeking assistance and healing began showing up.

Presently I write, paint and offer channeled readings and energy work.  Email to schedule a reading and or energy work appointment.  Choose either in-person or phone appointments.

Susan Cohen Raphael at:       360-525-5373

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