In order to maintain a balanced state of emotional well-being there must be an ability to stop. In everything. Just like learning to ride a bike, skiing or any new activity, there will always be the necessity of stopping a forward movement in order to catch up, keep one’s balance physically and emotionally. If not you know the outcome, falls, accidents, melt downs.

You say I don’t understand your generation. What you don’t understand is that the amount of stimulus your generation is experiencing is unprecedented in human history. Not only is there technological stimulus, but the stimulus of the world and ease of access to pleasure, activities, violence, knowledge, travel, every possible thing. Your generation is first to experience such mass amount of stimulus during your formative years.

While this can create a massive leap in creativity it can equally create massive emotional instability. Like a top spinning out of control and loosing its trajectory.

Finding balance, maintaining an interior home is crucial. Your physical home can provide the opportunities to stop and smell the roses. A place of rest, physically and emotionally. Stopping can take on any form that provides an avenue to rest the heart, mind and soul. Silence, music, yoga, walking, swimming, dancing, anything that creates a pause from all the mental activity of school, social engagement, social media, work. A pause that allows you to breathe. To stop. To listen to your heart, yourself.

Only in those quieted moments will you be able to hear your voice, your needs, to integrate all the information and stimulus of life you have and are experiencing. There will always be a need to integrate what you experience so that emotional implosion ceases to be an issue and what remains is quiet resolution and peace of mind.

God love you, you live in an amazing world and time. Exciting but can be equally devastating. You have chosen excitement and joy. You take it all on. You have created so much that is beautiful to witness. But when I step in to ask you to check in, even stop, it is for one reason only. To help you recognize there is a need.

Love you, Mom.