daily writing prompt: a risk taken with no regret

At age 29 I wanted to change the trajectory of my life as much for myself as for my 4 year old son. I wanted to show him that anyone could change their stars. I wanted him to know that as he grew into adulthood that he would have choices. Choices that would change his life if he chose. As much as I wanted to prove that to him I needed to prove it to myself. I wanted to be the first one in my family to go to and graduate from college. My father went to the 8th grade, my grandmother could only sign her name.

I had no pre-qualifications, but I had the will. I drafted a letter sharing my reasons for wanting to go to college and the difference that could make in my and my son’s life. I got a map of the United States and pin pointed all the places I wanted to go. I contacted the chamber of commerce in each city I selected and I sent an applications along with my letter to each college I dreamt of attending. I had no money and applied for scholarships.

I was recjected by all the contacts except one, the University of Washington in Seattle. They approved my application because of the letter I wrote. I was given a full scholarship and my life as I had known it, changed forever.