Beloveds be patient.  This is a time to exercise great patience,  For many this will seem difficult which is more a perception, an illusion.  This is an opportunity to stop, look and listen.  To take stock of where you are, what it took to get where you are, and how you plan to move forward in your life.

Are you happy with what you see and envision?  Do you see, recognize aspects out of alignment with where you are and where you want to be?  This is an opportunity for change.  Do you want things to go back to what they were? Or, do you recognise the opportunity to alter the course you have been taking.

Use this time to heal all relations, including, most importantly, the relationship with self. Cherish this moment in your history to reach out with love and compassion, to a unified world.  Love those in fear and pray for peace and understanding.

Be in joy witnessing the sun’s risings, spring blossoming, the stars filling the night sky, the smile on your children’s faces.  Enjoy these days of quiet slumber as the world around slows down, stops its ever pressing forward march.

Live, live, live, in this sacred moment.  This opportunity to let love in and spread it all around.