In the early days of my healing journey
I experienced many moments
that felt like I was tethered between heavan
and earth.  A floating feeling half in and out of
my body.   I could do nothing more than observe, feel and  ask
for enlightenment.   In my language it meant knowledge and understanding, because for me, these were foreign feelings and I had no idea what was going on.
The more I observed and listened quietly, the more I learned.

One day during one of these tethered moments a little boy appeared to me.  It was a new experience but felt perfectly natural as I shifted my consciousness to acknowledge what was happening. I was so wrapped up in the phenomenon of the moment I barely flinched when he said he had come to ask my help. He was so little and so cute and when he told me he had died and that his parents were having great difficulty in accepting his passing, I couldn’t help but say ok, “how can I help?”

He wanted me to visit his parents and help them in their grieving so that he could move on.   I had no experience with such things and felt insufficient to the task, but the impulse to help was stronger than any denial.  I took a deep breath and surrendered to the moment not knowing where the whole experience was leading other than to talk with the parents.

The moment I agreed, I found myself in the presence of the parents.   I don’t know how that happened, or how I was able to soothe their spirits but they were able to say good by to their son and let him go.

I took his hand and just as you might have already heard or read, there appeared a brilliant white light and floating images in the distance.  We walked together almost like through a bright tunnel and I let him go on alone as he reached the others who were waiting to greet him.  He thanked me and raised his little arm to wave good bye.   I unexpectedly asked, “how old are you?”   He smiled as he turned away and said “I’m three.”

Just as easily as the experience had popped into my life, it vanished and I was left astounded and eager to share the story with others but did not.  I worried about what people would think.  I even questioned myself.   Yet what transpired was as real as going to the grocery store and I was left with the knowledge and ability to realize that the world as I had known it was bigger than I had imagined. That there are no walls between what is seen as reality and the unseen world.   That there are no barriers in a world of love.

This little boy loved his parents so much that he could not move on until he knew that they would be alright.  Blessings upon blessings I am so grateful to have been a part of his journey.  As for the beginnings of my own, that was a learning lesson in faith and courage and I will always be grateful.