I was so excited about the
possibility of going
to the movies

My friends had made arrangements
to meet me at 7:30
down the road
out of sight
of the house

I knew after dinner
if I was careful
I could pull
it off

But as I sat through dinner
my patience waned

I hurried through the dishes
constantly watching the
clock which seemed
to have stopped

I had snuck out of the
bathroom window
once before
even though it was
extremely narrow and
high off the

In my fumbling rush
I forced the opening of the
window too far
and just as I made
it through
it broke

Glass shattered to the ground
in a roar
and I heard the rush
of footsteps to
the bathroom door

I quickly scaled
the wall and dropped to
the ground
running as fast as I
could to the
old shed
in back

They came looking for me
so I placed myself
on the overhanging ledge
outside the would be
kitchen window
until they gave up

When it seemed safe
I dropped
into the underbrush
and onto the interurban
trail behind the

I knew my chances weren’t very good
at reaching my friends
on the main road
and I
cursed myself
for having been
in such a hurry

Just as I left the
and was crossing the
neighboring pasture
the police arrived with
spot lights combing
the yard and
surrounding fields

I fell to the ground
dodging the lights behind
a small
My heart pounding
not to be caught

All passed
but the delay was
enough to make me miss
my chance
at the movies