The assumption that God is eternal in the sense of existing outside of time, and that he/she could never act, for all action takes place in time, is based on our thought and experience of linear time.  In this respect the two divergent theories of time are not compatible with one another.

According to Boethius, Aquinas, and a number of other theologians, there is nothing that happens in time that is unknown to God.  Every moment in time is ever present to God in just the way that what is happening at this particular moment within the field of our vision is present to us.

The moment that action is thought, it is no longer action.  Action only takes place in non linear time, the present moment.  It is in this never changing moment of the present that God acts.  That God answers prayers, that God creates, that God forgives.  And it is in this ever present moment that God Asks us to live.

Good and bad, past and future, love and hate, all exist in the linear time of our human thought and experience.  For as we create time outside of the present moment, we give time a past and a future.  We measure what need not be measured.  We create a framework of comparison pining one moment against another, thus creating polarities that serve to confuse our thought and experience.

This is our free will that God has given, and it is in the manipulation of that freedom that we have alienated ourselves from God and from each other.  If we live in the present moment, as it has been given us to do; past transgressions, guilt, and future fears of our well being cease to exist.